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Dating and Careers

This post was written by my good friend Angela, she’s just a woman so don’t be too harsh on her! (Just kidding!)

The idea of ‘not judging a book by its cover’ has been followed for far too long. That being said, judging someone who plays a serious role in your life need not be an ugly or nasty thing; in fact, it’s healthy and should be a vital process when it comes to dating.

Living in a society where women are encouraged to be empowered feminists, it is not surprising that to be critical of a man’s choice of career, or job is seen as being bitter. However, as independent as we now are, it is still important when dating that we ensure the men we are dating have a steady job that they can maintains in the future. After all, people often think that it is important to pair up with someone in your own socioeconomic class, or group. It is for this reason, that many women will seek out Male Escorts or avoid relationships all together as these days it is way too much hassle finding the right guy.

It cannot be denied, even if it is a generalization unfair to the male sex, that a man’s job is highly associated with his identity. That might very well be because of the generalization of “what you do is what you are.” I’m not saying that women don’t experience this too, but socially, and traditionally (be it a good or bad thing) it is perceived differently. Your partner is expected to have a good respectable job. My Grandmother used to say to me when I was (much) younger “You better not bring home a rubbish man“. Though this seems rather ambiguous, she did not mean the man could work as a refuse collector. But I digress, because we aren’t really dealing with that in this piece.

Having a great partner that will be kind and patient to you in those moments when he forgets that you’re not his employee or subordinate and you can’t make all the decisions will be invaluable to your love life’s long term success.

In his business dealings, driven and focused men are amazingly stubborn. And while this may help them in their business and negotiation, it does not help them nearly as much in their love lives, unfortunately.

Just make sure you know what you’re getting in to. Should you choose to go ahead and pursue a relationship with a career driven man, have expectations. Lots of expectations. For any person professional success and person fulfilment is necessary before having a successful love relationship. Being content in ‘what you do’ is a major consideration in anyone’s personal happiness, and the old saying “you can’t be good to someone else until you’re good to yourself” still rings true, does it not? Of course, there is the rare exception of the man who dreads each work day, suffers through it, then comes home and can find all of the happiness he needs right there.